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5 Unexpected Things I Can’t Wait for About Home

5 Unexpected Things I Can’t Wait for About Home

41 days. We leave Ireland in 41 days, Europe in 54 days. And while I am making it a point to cherish each day and not wish time away. I’d be lying if I did not admit I am really looking forward to certain aspects of home. I have begun to think about these certain aspects daily! And while I do promise to share some sentimental Ireland focused posts soon, this is all I could manage to type out for today’s post. It’s all I think about!

The mind is funny. Nothing I am sharing today is life and death. I’m doing just fine. But as the days pass, and my mind knows what is waiting at home, things I’ve lived comfortably with for 21 months are becoming increasingly more annoying! Let me explain (vent):  

Listed items are NOT Ireland specific. They’re choices that were hastily made in July 2016. For more details read to the end for the ‘hindsight’ section.  

A Larger and More Supportive Mattress

For 21 months Mathew, the dog, and I have slept on a double mattress. It’s been awful. In the rush of moving I didn’t think anything of the mattress. The house is furnished, bed and mattress included, whatever is there will be fine. That was 100% the incorrect thought. I’ve been having lower back pain for about 6 months now, plus sleeping elbow to elbow with my husband. There are three mattresses in our home, we’ve rotated them all, they all cause me back pain. Mattresses are important, HELLO we spend 6-10 hours a day sleeping on one. I will always remember this. I dream about the queen-sized bed waiting for me at home. I cannot wait for the additional space and back support. And as time passes the dream evolves. Once we’re settled again in our own home a king-sized bed and mattress will be purchased immediately.  

Bathroom Faucets

A dual sink faucet 

A dual sink faucet 


I long for the day that hot water and cold water are mixed together and released from the same faucet again. Currently all our sinks have two faucets, one faucet is hot water, one is cold. The hot has to be close to boiling, and it reaches boiling temperatures in record time. The cold feels like jumping into a lap pool. I hate the design. I want one faucet that marries the two waters together and allows for some temperature adjustment. I am honestly confused why our home was built with this design. It was built in the early 2000s so this feature was definitely available. And while I do see the dual faucets a lot in Europe I also see many single faucets.

My Kitchen


I love to cook, but over the last month preparing home cooked meals has become like pulling teeth. After many consecutive nights of take-out Mathew asked if everything was okay. Ha, neither of us was used to so many nights in a row without a home cooked meal. I reflected and placed the blame on my current kitchen.

I hate it. Typed simply. Poor kitchen, it didn’t have much of a shot. Our kitchen in Minnesota was designed by my mom. All finishes, materials, and appliances were selected by us. It was brand new, or 2.5 years old when we sold. And while I would change many things about that kitchen (ha), I miss everything about that kitchen all at the same time. My current kitchen, it’s just so bad. A bright blue backsplash, green walls, laminate counters, a sink that’s depth holds one pot, electric appliances, and NO DISHWASHER. I could continue this list but I’ll stop because I realize I’m starting to sound like a brat. I just don’t want to use it anymore. I can’t wait to use my parent’s kitchen, my mother-in-law’s kitchen, and then our kitchen wherever we end up!      

A Car

It made no sense for me to purchase a car. Mathew had one. I was not working. We purposely lived close to town to be within walking distance to everything of need. For the last 21 months we’ve been a one car household. It has worked. But I overlooked the minor detail that I have had access to a car since I was 16 years old. I need a car! I need my independence. I miss driving. Minnesota car shopping has begun. The goal is to have it sitting on my parent’s driveway waiting for me.  

My Skin


The darker shade is my Minnesota color, the lighter is my Wexford color 


This one might be downright silly but my skin tone is driving me crazy. I am the palest I have ever been in my life. Occasionally, I catch my reflection in the mirror and gasp, I feel ghostly. This is funny to me because I avoid tanning. As a person that has not actively tanned since college I should not mind being pale. But I do, I want my Minnesota-pale not my Wexford-pale. To see my makeup shades become two to three shades lighter within 21 months simply because of where I live has impacted me. I’m working on this, I am on the lookout for a good sunless tanner. I need some color back in my life, and apparently that Minnesota sun.  

Hindsight is 20/20

If I were to do it all over again there is one thing I would do differently: relocate for a longer assignment.

The past 2 years have felt like a blink of the eye. Psychologically you tell yourself 2 years is not long; any concerns can be dealt with for that length of time. But if the assignment had been 3 years or 4 years I believe I would have acted on the things that were bothering me.

For example, when I realized the mattress was causing back pain I had already been sleeping on it for 6 months. I decided to tough it out and not invest in a mattress for 18 months. 18 months of painful sleep starts to wear on a person.

The issues I faced with the kitchen and bathroom, on a longer assignment I would have considered moving. Work to find a home that met more of our needs, a dishwasher being top of the list. If the assignment had been longer, I would have filed the paperwork to have a work visa, found a job, and purchased a car to get to said job.

The 2 years went so fast it never really allowed for Ireland to feel like home. It was always just a temporary assignment. Which I guess is what made it exciting and easier to commit to the relocation. So, no regrets, if the assignment would have been 4 years maybe we wouldn’t have relocated. And that would have been a shame as the experience has been extremely positive overall! I’m just thinking out loud here. Could of, should of, would of. No going back now, so instead I’m looking ahead and eager for the comforts of home.


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