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Kitchen Essentials: in America or Ireland these Tools are in My Kitchen

Kitchen Essentials: in America or Ireland these Tools are in My Kitchen

Our relocation to Ireland had many expenses. Today I am sharing a big personal expense for me: downsizing my kitchen. All right, go ahead, laugh. It is funny, but if you know me or have read any of my previous posts you know that I enjoy cooking and baking.

Mathew and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary during the first week we lived in Ireland. Meaning all the beautiful wedding presents we were gifted had been used only a handful of times. Oh, how I enjoyed eating pasta out of our restaurant 12’’ pasta bowls or grinding up dry rubs with a mortar and pestle. I had a glass for every type of liquid you could ever imagine drinking: white and red wine (obviously, and 3 sets of each: informal, formal, crystal. too much?), lager glasses, pint glasses, water goblets, juice, teacups and saucers. We might have gone overboard when registering for drinkware. But it was our registry and apparently drinking liquids from the appropriate glasses makes us happy. Today our kitchen items sit wrapped in tissue and boxed away in storage awaiting our return.   

You might be wondering why all these fabulous kitchen items did not relocate with us. And the short answer is because we are cheap. Long answer, our relocation package included a lump sum to ship whatever we wanted. A lump sum meaning whether we used all the money or not it was ours. So, since our household was transitioning from two incomes to one we decided to be frugal and ship the bare necessities and save the remaining money.

Keeping in mind that I am a person who registered for a panini press, banana split dishes, chargers, the list continues but I’ll stop myself, this required some planning and serious consideration. I am serious, you can laugh again. I had to pack my entire kitchen in two medium-sized moving boxes. With the goal being not to purchase everything once we arrived, remember we were trying to save money and we already owned everything in Minnesota.

I want to share what filled the boxes shipped to Wexford, my kitchen essentials if you will.

Side note, I think these items are perfect for wedding registries. Can you tell wedding season is here and I have been shopping for gifts? Or for anyone looking to update the wedding gifts they received, and have been using for decades. 


My cookware is my holy grail. Yes these items are expensive but I decided to invest in cookware that cooks food perfectly and lasts a lifetime. (I use the word 'I' because I owned these items before I was married.) All four of my pans have lids. These pans cook everything we eat. I do miss my specialized pans, but even when using one of these pans untraditionally I still get great results.  

 Le Creuset 5.5qt round Dutch Oven

I own the Marseille Blue and love the color it adds to my kitchen. I use this item for everything: soups, stews, stove to oven roasts, pasta.  

All Clad Stainless 12'' Fry Pan with Lid

The only saute/frying pan I have in Ireland is used for eggs, stir fry, sauces, sauteing vegetables, burgers, ect

All Clad Stainless 2 qt & 3 qt Saucepan with Lid

I use the 2 qt pan daily to make hard boiled eggs. The 3 qt is used for rice. 



A kitchen with low quality cutlery is my nightmare. Dull knives make all tasks take twice as long. I was not moving anywhere without my Wüsthofs.

Wüsthof 8" Chef's Knife

If I could only have shipped one knife, it would be this knife. The ease and speed at which it allows the user to chop makes it a kitchen essential. I will also note, this is the knife I used while working in a professional kitchen the summer of 2007.    

Wüsthof 3.5" Paring Knife

Used daily to prepare fruits and vegetable for a single serving smoothie.

Wüsthof Double Serrated Bread Knife

I will not cut bread and tomatoes with any other knife. 



I prepared Thanksgiving dinner, for two, using the ovenware that I shipped. 

Quarter Sheets Pans (2) 

You need at least 2 since one is always in use. Used for roasting proteins and vegetables, baking cookies or cakes. This item is my catch-all for oven cooking and baking. If space had allowed I would have casserole dishes and item specific baking dishes, it did not, these get the job done. *If my Irish oven was larger and fit half sheet pans I would also have two half sheet pans.  

Square Cake Pan

Sometimes the quarter sheet pan is too big. A square pan is perfect for brownies, small cakes, or even savory roasting to serve two. 


Tools and Prep

Most people probably have all the below tools in their kitchens right now. I did too, but I used my wedding registry to upgrade. The spatula I bought freshman year of college was ready to be donated. I use these tools as they were designed so I simply list the links to the specific items I own.   

Measuring Cups

Measuring Teaspoons

The shape of these spoons fits perfectly into spice jars.

Silicone Spatula  

Stainless Steel Spatula

Metal Whisk

Vegetable Peeler

Stainless Steel Ladle 


Wooden Spoons (2)

Small Wooden Cutting Board

The board needs to be small enough to lift easily (wood can get heavy), but large enough that you have space to chop and set aside a couple ingredients. This one works well for me!  


Appliances Purchased in Ireland

I was not going to plug my American appliances into an adapter so I purchased the following tools here. 


I make a smoothie most days, got to have a blender for that task. 

Hand Mixer

I miss my yellow pepper Kitchen Aid (I like bright appliances), but this gets the job done.  

Tea Kettle

An Irish must-have to keep up with all the tea drinking done over here. 

Slow Cooker/ Crock Pot  

Does anything made in a slow cook ever taste bad? They are foolproof and a must-have in any kitchen. 

Food Scale

To make an Irish recipe you need a scale, as ingredients are listed using the metric system. 


Hopefully, you can tell I am passionate about the items in my kitchen! If you are preparing a registry or looking to purchase new kitchen items, and have questions I would love to be a resource for you. Do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you so much for reading!


Most European rentals come furnished, ours did. Therefore I did not have to pack kitchen basics: plates, cutlery, and drinking glasses, ect.

Links provided are not affiliate links... yet. If that changes I will update this blurb.  


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