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My 2017 Fitness Goal - 26.2 Miles  

My 2017 Fitness Goal - 26.2 Miles  

Am I crazy? Mathew and I just registered for the 2017 Dublin Marathon.

Oh boy! 26.2 miles, am I really going to do this again?

The day I completed my first marathon I posted my thoughts on Facebook – I’ll share that post at the bottom of this page if you’re interested in reading my post-marathon thoughts hours after I finished the race. I talk about the commitment and toll training took. I laugh as I look back at the post, and as I voluntarily signed up to run a second race.

I blame Mathew. I’m married to someone who is too athletic and always looking for his next athletic challenge. I participate in these events so I can hang out with my husband. Funny, right? When I look at the big picture it really is fun spending time together, whether it’s a training run, shopping for running shoes, finding a new trail, or even researching different diets. It’s the whole process that I enjoy doing with Mathew.

We ran our first marathon 18 months ago and we still talk about it regularly.

Our favorite topics:

  • Mathew’s messed up training. He was injured the 4 weeks leading up to race day. We thought he might not be able to run. Well when has Mathew ever sat anything out? So during the race his legs started cramping and he had to walk. Somehow he still finished 90 minutes before me. 
  • I was so slow (averaged 12 minute miles), but I ran the entire race, seriously.
  • Mental boundaries, man they're so weird. It was fun to push past them. 
  • Race day was emotional! We both cried at the finish line.
  • Pizza and beer, that was our post-race meal. Probably not what our bodies needed, but we sure wanted it. Then the next day we ate so many servings of Chili’s chips and salsa. So good. 
  • Our ugly 'finisher shirts', Dublin my expectations aren’t high but can the shirt please say more than ‘Finisher’ in the smallest font possible?  

I’m nervous to run another marathon. I have 28 weeks to train. Race day is Sunday, October 29. I know this race will be harder than my first. Why?:

  • The unknown is gone. For the first race I had no idea if I’d actually be able to run 26.2 miles. So I pushed harder and did not miss workouts. But now I know I can run the distance so I also know I’ll have to be very disciplined to avoid laziness.
  • I travel more. When I travel I rarely workout. Touring and walking miles while traveling counts as my workout. Whelp, that won’t cut it. Already I have 6 trips planned between now and race day. Time to get disciplined, and make room for running shoes in my carry on.
  • My family and friends won’t be there to cheer for me. I am externally motivated and my race time proves it. Every time I saw someone I literally got a boost of energy (mile 12, 13, 20, 23, 26) and my mile times noticeably got faster. Furthermore, I'm not sure I would have finished the race if my parents hadn't been at mile 20. My mom could see it on my face and ran mile 20 with me. Thanks mom! 

Well off to run. Starting small, 2 miles. Here I go!

Thank you for reading. I’m thinking about posting monthly training progress blogs. Thoughts? Did you like this post? Do you care to read more about an average runners training? Let me know in the comments below.  


My Post- Marathon Facebook Post, 5 October 2015

"And just like that my 2015 athletic event season has come to an end! This season I ran and participated in the following events with Mathew: 

• New Prague half marathon on May 9 (13.1 miles) 
• Trinona sprint triathlon on June 7 (.25 mile swim, 13 mile bike, and 3.2 mile run)
• Life Time Minneapolis international triathlon on July 11 (.93 mile swim, 24.9 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run)
• Twin Cities marathon, today (26.2 miles) 

I got to train in some pretty cool places. I love Minnesota, it’s so beautiful! But I have been consistently working out 3-6 times/week since March, and I’m tired. I’m not sure I will ever participate in a marathon or international distance tri again but boy am I proud that I have done both! As I reflect, training for the ‘longer’ events was a bigger commitment than I anticipated. And here is what I mean by commitment:

• Missing Gopher tailgates so I could do my long Saturday runs
• Minimal alcohol
• Early bedtimes/ early wake ups
• Being tired and sore way more than I am used it
• Money spent on a dietician to alter my nutritional intake and therefore perform at my best
• Money spent on chiropractor/physical therapy when my IT band was bothering me
• Money spent for a Garmin GPS watch, running belt, shoe insoles, energy gels/powders, and protein powder. 

So does the feeling of crossing the finish line make it all worth it? Absolutely!!! But I don’t want to do it again. :)

To reflect on today’s marathon a little more, what an amazingly positive event. There were SO many spectators with so much energy, entertaining signs, and yard parties! I’ve never seen anything like it. Thank you to my family and friends for all the texts and support in anticipation of the race, out of all my events this year this was definitely my ‘highest profile’ event and I felt it with all the attention. 

A special shout out to those who came out and spent their Sunday cheering on Mathew and me. I needed it! Thanks Anne, Kevin, Megan (after running the 10 miler), Ryan, Nicky, Annie, Meggie, Matthew, Baby Emmett, and Todd. You all rock! 

And to conclude, my goal today was to finish, check. Mathew’s goal was to finish under 4 hours, and he finished with 3:52:37!! My favorite thing about Mathew’s time is that he cramped so bad at mile 19 he had to walk about 3 miles throughout the remainder of the course and he still finished with that time! Go Hubby!!! So proud!!"

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